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Ilex crenata `Bonsai for garden` - buy in shop

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Like this Ilex crenata bonsai in the atrium !

Photo Atrium Bern / Switzerland

Ilex crenata Bonsai you find here with orignial photos of the plant:

Bonsai plants are very special plants so we handle and offer only with original photos of the plant !

You can find first exemple if you scrolling updown...

You don`t find a perfect bonsai for you in the shop?

We have some of over 500 Bonsai plants for you to decided. We are sure we find some bonsai plant for you ! Call us !

Fall 2011

All bonsai you see in the SHOP !

Pinus Bonsai Fall 2011 - here !

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Some examples of bonsai plants in picture you find here,

with direct link to the shop !

We have some more of 500 bonsai for you !

All bonsai you can see here complet: SHOP !

Pinus Bonsai Fall 2011 - here !