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Plants from the Mediterranean region / Mediterranean plants

These plants require cool winters with temperatures between
5° and 14° C (41° - 57° F ).

1. They are suitable as container plants
( outdoors in summer / indoors but cool in winter )

2. They are also suited for cool winter gardens
(requiring lower temperatures for about two months in winter, at least at night).

3. Some can also be planted outdoors and winter in our home country - for details see  hardy exotic species! - Side come in 2011

In all 3 cases you better inquire with us what temperatures and plants are suited for your location !!

There are two possibilities:

- If you are already an expert and just want to see what plants are availabe then go directly to our shop - Here

- Or you are looking for details concerning plants, location, plant types and plant care etc. In that case contact us directly.

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