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Hardcover expert books and E-Books by
author and ornamental plant specialist
Walter Siegel

Available only from us or from our partners !!

Benefit from 25 years of experience in cultivation of ornamental plants, green space planning and planting of winter gardens !

The hardcover expert book
`Grün im Wintergarten - von Anfang an richtig eingeplant`
by Walter Siegel

with more than 140 pages , fully illustrated with examples of winter gardens and other important topics such as lighting, glass, heating and much more. - .....................More info..................order now * !

Hardcover version instead of 30,00 €

now only 21,00 € incl. shipping / ...Germany
now only 25,70 € incl. shipping / ...Austria and Luxembourg
now only 30,00 € incl. shipping / ...Switzerland
Plus VAT.

When ordering please consider your country and shipping address

Attention: Only a few hundred of the original edition (5000 pieces) are still available. We currently don’t consider another hardcover edition !!

In Augsburg you can purchase the book in the Alpha Bookshop for 20 € (which includes a cup of cappuccino.)
- more info !!

New: 3-part E-Books available from 2,95  !!

Eload Part 1 / Winter Gardens – The Design

Info-PDF click here

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Only 2,95 € !

Eload Part 2 / Winter Gardens – The Technology

Info-PDF click here

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Only 2,95 € !

Eload Part 3 / Winter Gardens – The Plants

Info-PDF click here

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Only 3,95 € !

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