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Plants for Company

Plants for companies

Delivered fully planted – Europe-wide !

All prices include curbside delivery !

The simplest way:

Check our Selection in the Shop (with prices) and choose the best plant/container combinations.

These combinations have been proven ion the field and look great. There is something for everybody’s taste!

Or let us combine plants and containers for you. After all, there are more than 500 possible combinations!

The best, however, is that  you send us a few photographs of your site and based on these we prepare image montages of suitable containers and plants – all free of charge. (see photo montages)

Our great plant service:

We offer curbside delivery of the fully planted products – Europe-wide !

Our motto:

Receive – display – that’s all !

You don’t need a gardener at your site !

You have several companies in Europe ?

If you order within 3 months – regardless for what location – we grant you a quantity discount on the entire order !

You need someone to care for your plants? No problem – we have partners near your location who offer this service.

We also give a 3-month growth guarantee on all plants !!

Attention: For this we require detailed information concerning the positions of the plants in your location.

Let Botanic International improve the experience of your guests !

Contact us !

Further references and locations in the image gallery – Hotel and Gastronomy !

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Ficus microcarpa Bonsai with a height of 4m on the steps directly planting into the ground

Left side : Ficus pandurata plant in a exclusive pot / Right side : Tamarindus indica planted over 2 storey / floor

Standard is not enove for us.

We constructing and designing exclusive plant-pots like here for example in colour anthrazit if you need !

Yucca rostrata in Wood bowl plant pot

This group stay inside a conference room

What can we do for YOU ?