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Plants for Exhibitions

Many customers use our plants for their appearances at trade shows and exhibitions. They appreciate

- our photo montages and CAD drawings during the planning phase - free of charge

- our reliable Europe-wide delivery service

- our ready to use plant/container combinations. After delivery just place the plants in their respective locations.

Take a look at the combinations in our shop

Here just a few recent examples representative of our exhibition projects:

On the left: Magdeburg - Decorative orange tree in park container and Buchskugel (Buxus) in cubic containers

On the right: BERLIN-Cycas revoluta ( Sago palm ) in Cubico Lechuza silver - delivered complete with container

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Vechia Palm
Starnberger See / Lake

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - BERLIN

Below: Munich - Orange tree (3 m) in large Florentiner PE-container

Below: Karlsruhe - Olive trees on the Giardina Exhibition, 2010

Horticulture, landscaping and wood deck specialist

near Stuttgart-Leonberg (here at the 2010 Giardina Exhibition in Karlsruhe)