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Subtropical Winter Garden, December 2010

9 meter palm tree in the stairway of Virion-Serion Pharma

Würzburg / Germany

This Trachycarpus wagnerianus, which originates in the Himalaya and Japan, found a new home in the stairway of a newly constructed building of this pharma corporation.

In the week before Christmas 2010 the palm tree was lowered through a light dome in the roof of the building. This was done using in cooperation with a flexible, dependable trucking company and a very good team and using a 50 m mobile crane. The tree plus drainage material and several layers of different soils was planted within 3 hours.

You can visit the plant near Würzburg – advance notification required !

The building was designed and built by the architect’s office Oechsner

The Trachycarpus wagnerianus palm is lowered into the building !

The highlight in the stairway is a floor bed for this 9-meter windmill palm
( Trachycarpus wagnerianus ).

With Botanic International usually everything is included – even the professional camera operator and the champagne for the dedication ceremony !

More photos according to progress of construction (as of December 2010)

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