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Plants A - Z

We can supply you with about 1000 types of plants in a large variety of sizes and forms. Not all can be displayed here.

However, we have listed at least those plants that you will find in our shop – with direct links into the shop !

Tropical bamboo up to 7,5 m !

Barrel Cactus – Barrel Cactuses – Mother-in-Law’s Cushion

Ficus types with bonsai structure

Ilex crenata bonsai ( original images ):

Olive trees as container plants, not too large but old trees !

Olive trees ( Olea europeae ) – several hundred years old !

Superb quality with original photos – reserved exclusively for you !!

Orange trees ( see also `Citrus sinensis ` )

Original photos of some available pinus parviflora bonsai – original items !

Original photos of available pinus pentaphylla bonsai – original items !

Plum-yew – tropical taxus for indoors

  • Rhapis excelsa – Lady Palm - H 200 cm /  40 cm pot

Strelitzia ( bird-of-paradise flower)

We also offer 3-packs of planted container plants. Here some examples:

Less than 200,00 € per plant/container combination:

Less than 250,00 € per plant/container combination:

Less than 300,00 € per plant/container combination:

Please inquire about many more available large plants !

Let  Botanic International improve your green areas and ambience !

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