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Many plants can serve as container plants !

One might assume that most container plants are of Mediterranean origin. However, that is not so. The term rather applies to all those plants that can stay in the container throughout the year.

The non-Mediterranean plants even have an advantage in this regard because they can stay outdoors throughout winter and may even be evergreen.

Thus these outdoor container plants can remain in open air all winter.

We here consider the following categories:

Of course, many plants belong to more than one category because they satisfy several parameters. So much the better.

Each container plant comes with its corresponding container.

You can order also the container with us. We offer plastic, wood, metal and other materials.

We have containers up to 150 cm in diameter ! We can’t list them all her so please contact us for details and we will send you images, sizes and prices.

  • Container plants for summer in the shade

    • Pygmy date palm ( Phoenix roebelenii ) – of all the palms this type grows best in the shade and doesn’t like sunny locations

    • Cycas revoluta ( palmars ) – grows best in the shade or partial shade. In southern countries they grow well in full sun but here in Germany we noticed that palmars get burnt quickly and then look unattractive.

  • Container plants for the summer in partial shade
    • Citrus calamondin ( bitter orange, decorative orange ) – they don’t like direct sunlight. In partial shady or even shady locations they grow best and carry fruits.

    • Kumquat ( fortunella ) – They don’t like direct sunlight but grow best and bear fruits in partial or even full shade. They like it warm.

    • Washingtonia robusta Palme – the young palm grows well in the container – direct sunlight is fine but partial shade is even better! We find this palm looks more elegant than the  Trachycarpus fan palm.

  • Container plants for summer / sunny location
    • Olive tree ( Olea europeae ) is the plant of choice for locations with bright sunlight. However, also a warm, partially shady place is sufficient for the olive.

    • Windmill Palm ( Trachycarpus fortunei ) – a palm type which can withstand some frost and thus can be planted outdoors in certain protected locations. However, we don’t recommend using it as container plant during winter because of dangers to the root due to frost. However, the plant does great in direct sun, in late fall and poses no problem even with early frost (until -5° C / 41° F)

    • Mandarine tree ( citrus reticulata ) – does not absolutely require direct sun.  A warm location in partial shade is just as good for the mandarine tree. However, the best fruits develop if exposed to bright sunlight (… with enough water )
      • Mandarine tree in the shop

  • Perennial container plants / shady or partial shady locations
    • Boxtree ( Buxus sempervirens or other species ) – all are suitable. However, not all types like direct sunlight.

    • Ilex crenata as garden bonsai – great as container plant, evergreen, grows best in the shade or partial shade. They can also stand direct sun but the leaves become very bright and may not look as nice anymore. Considerable risk of dehydration in container.

    • Asian maple ( Acer palmatum and many species, subspecies and kinds ) also well suited for containers. Why not? However, when used as container plant in full sunlight the leaves soon become weak. Thus it fares better in the  shade or partial shade.

Basic information about perennial container plants in sunny locations

These plants are often vulnerable to ‘freeze-drying.’ After a few warm days in spring especially the evergreen plants quickly wake up. Thus it is advisable to water these plants in winter so that they won’t dehydrate when root ball or container are still frozen. The plants would then dry out and die.

This happens quite often. Then in spring many think that the damage comes from frost though most often it’s dehydration !!

Of course, there are countless other container plants. This is only a small selection from all available plants. Contact us when you don’t find what you are looking for.

Your Botanic-Team

Orangen tree planted (right) / Lemon tree (left)

Kumquat trees and bitter orange trees in the background

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