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The Planting of Winter Gardens

The planting of winter gardens is one of our specialties

More than 500 fully planted winter gardens speak for us. Usually one distinguishes between :

- subtropical, Mediterranean winter gardens

- tropical winter gardens

The subtropical winter garden has plants from the Mediterranean. For that purpose, however, the garden must allow a lowering of the temperature of between 5° und 14 °C (41° und 57 °F) – see also Mediterranean Plants

As most winter gardens don’t allow this – most of these gardens are glass houses with constant temperatures – tropical plants are the only option.

We published our own expert book about floor beds in winter gardens. It deals with the planting, watering and technical details for glass houses.

- see hardcover expert book -

` Grün im Wintergarten - von Anfang an richtig eingeplant !`

(Green in the winter garden – design from the ground up)

To quick or online readers we offer a more concise E-Book .

3-part E-Book on `Grün im Wintergarten` (Green in the Winter Garden)

Under the link Winter Garden Companies you find photos of projects of project where we designed and planted winter gardens for specific customers.

Also our image galleries show related photos? Most often, however, mistakes are made right at the outset of planning the garden.

Inappropriate window glass, insufficient ventilation, ineffective air conditioning etc. often result in designs that are not what the owner intended. For that reason we work closely with the owners or designers of the gardens. (We have contacts with more than 80 European winter garden companies.)

Thus we recommend that you contact us already in the planning stage of the orangery, glass house or winter garden.

Feel free to ask for further references. We can also put you in touch with satisfied builders and owners.

Here you find some examples of plants for the winter garden !

About the photos below:

Winter garden in the Hohenlohe with orange tree planted into the floor / left

Winter garden in Luxembourg with palm trees and Alocasia in modern container / right

Winter garden oasis near Heilbronn

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